Sculpting a Foot in Oil Based Clay

This two part series demonstrates from beginning to end how to sculpt a small scale foot without using a wire armature.

The clay used in this series is plastilene, an oil based clay that is flexible and safe for home art studios. 

Sculpture tutorial: Sculpting a Foot in Plastilene

Working from custom reference photos that were shot specifically for the sculpture from the Art Prof reference photo collection, techniques such as how to build up the base and structure of the sculpture and articulate the skeletal structure are explained.

Demonstration led by Art Prof Clara Lieu.

Part 1

  • Preparing clay “noodles”
  • Types of oil based clay
  • Softening the plastilene
  • Building up the mass
  • Continually rotating the sculpture
  • Considering more than one view
  • Lateral & Medial Malleolus
  • Calcaneus (heel)
  • Metatarsals
  • Mass of the toes
  • Curvature of the big toe

Part 2

  • Continually rotating the sculpture
  • Considering every view
  • Rough surface vs Smooth surface
  • Loop tool with wrapped wire
  • How to articulate toe nails
  • Showing tension in the tendons
  • Fleshy areas vs Tense areas
  • Undercuts & Casting
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