Colored Pencil Drawing: Tea & Scones

See colored pencil techniques for drawing a scene of tea and scones.

78 minute video

Techniques shown in colored pencil include how to layer colors, how to create gradients and blend to get specific colors, and how to create a balance of saturated and muted colors, and more.

Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu.

Video Walkthrough

  • Being selective about what you choose to bring out in your drawing.
  • Layering techniques with colored pencil.
  • How to sharpen a colored pencil with a utility knife
  • Keeping the colored pencil blunt to cover large areas faster.
  • Squinting at the reference photo before you start drawing.
  • Starting out by blocking in the negative space.
  • Creating a solid line sketch so you can confidently block in colors.
  • Drawing the pattern and then building up the form and lighting.
  • White colored pencil can be effective for adjusting colors.
  • Varying the physical pressure with the colored pencil.
  • Using shapes and colors around an object to define the edge.
  • Changing the placement of the objects from the reference photo.
Bread Fairy Drawing, Clara Lieu

Reference Photos

Tea & Scones Reference #3
Tea & Scones Reference #20

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