Jam Cookies in Soft Pastel

This video demonstrates how to illustrate a plate of cookies using soft pastel.

1 hour, 43 min. video

Starting with a quick thumbnail sketch, decisions about composition, creating depth and emphasis are discussed.

Techniques shown in soft pastel include how to layer colors, how to create gradients and blend to get specific colors, and how to create a balance of saturated and muted colors, and more.

Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu.

Clara Lieu, Bread Fairy

Video Walkthrough

  • Being selective about what you choose to draw in the scene.
  • Blocking in the largest shapes first.
  • Lighting & contrast in the scene.
  • Squint when you observe your reference image.
  • How to articulate patterns without drawing in a precise manner.
  • Deliberately showing your marks in soft pastel.

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