Instagram Tips & Critique

This video provides specific, concrete tips for increasing your growth as an artist on Instagram, by navigating through 2 artist Instagram accounts.

Identifying aspects such as the photographs, text captions, the flow and diversity of content are all important in evaluating the effectiveness of an artist’s Instagram.

Discussion led by Prof Lieu, who critiques Instagram accounts by artists Andrėja Frukacz and Aastha Vijay as concrete examples of how to create a strategy for Instagram.

Instagram: Clara Lieu

Andrėja Frukacz

“I am a 16 year old artist ( and have been drawing most of my life. Some of my work explores my experience with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sexual assault/rape, racial injustice (I am white and have not experienced racism, but it’s something I’m very passionate about), sexism, loss of a loved one, abandonment of a father, etc. I would also like to expand what I do to a whimsical, illustrative style.”

Andrėja Frukacz

Aastha Vijay

I’m a mixed media artist and illustrator from India mostly doing comic style work. I’m an engineer by degree but artist artist by nature.

I’m trying to gain an audience so as to build a brand for myself and sell art prints and Merch. I need help with growing my reach in the regions where my art will be appreciated and sought after and get more commissions.”

Aastha Vijay

Trent’s Tips

Trent PNG Discord

Even for the more successful working artists, 99.99% of the world won’t be interested in their art. So if the response you are getting is apathy, that is pretty normal. 

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I would also say that confidence comes not just from success, but from surviving failure. In moments where I have to build up my confidence, I think less about the times I succeeded and more about the times where I did something similar that didn’t quite work but it didn’t kill me.

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