Atmospheric Perspective

Atmospheric perspective in art creates the illusion of space in a 2D artwork. This can be applied to 2D artworks to show a convincing sense of space. Atmospheric perspective emphasizes spatial intervals, the distance between objects where as objects recede into the distance, they become less detailed, lower in contrast, and more blurry. Objects in the foreground by contrast are articulated with crisp details and high contrast in order to anchor them in the composition. Using paintings and drawings from contemporary art and art history, concrete examples illustrate how atmospheric perspective is used by artists to achieve the effect of space. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu

Video Walkthrough

  • Backgrounds are important
  • Space is everywhere
  • Spatial intervals between objects
  • Atmospheric Perspective
  • Atmospheric perspective in water
  • Pushing parts back & forward
  • Scale of objects to show depth
  • Overlap objects to show space
  • Atmospheric perspective with flat shapes

Artists mentioned

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