One Point Perspective, Demonstration

This video demos how to apply 1 point linear perspective principles in drawing, using Procreate, ink wash, and movie stills from Alfred Hitchcock films as reference images.

Drawing techniques, Procreate, ink wash, and a bamboo pen are explained, as well as how to identify the vanishing point, the vanishing lines, establish the horizon line, and how to develop the drawing to convey a convincing sense of space.

Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Cat Huang.

Video Walkthrough

  • Cat begins her drawing with the vanishing point, whereas Prof Lieu does not, there is no correct way to start!
  • Both Cat and Prof’s drawing techniques is more about eye balling the linear perspective, it’s not about being accurate.
  • Cat prefers lines that are not precise, straight and mechanical looking when drawing linear perspective
  • Prof Lieu places a kneaded eraser onto a drawing, places a pushpin into the eraser, and then attaches a piece of string tied to it to draw the vanishing lines.
  • Prof Lieu’s technique for mixing ink wash gradients.
  • After mixing the ink gradients, test them out on scrap paper.
  • Go back and tweak the ink gradients to get a wide range of tones.
  • There are 3 types of Yupo paper: Medium, Translucent, Heavy.
  • You never know what kind of line the bamboo pen will create!
  • Linear perspective don’t have to all have that same rigid, technically precise look that you typically expect.
  • Being aware of how the big shapes relate in the space can help a lot to figure out the linear perspective.
  • Compare the objects within the space, which is purely observational drawing skills.
  • Should a beginner start with drawing a ruler?
  • Starting freehand is totally fine, try out a bunch of ways and see what you’re comfortable with.
  • Prof Lieu’s approach is to freehand the linear perspective, and then fix it.

Prof Lieu’s Tips

I think revisions to thumbnails are really helpful and necessary. I know I’m always eager to move on to the final artwork, but if you catch issues at this early stage will make the final artwork go much more smoothly.

Otherwise, you’ll end up doing a ton of backtracking on the final drawing which can be frustrating and ultimately, more time consuming. 10 minutes of tweaks on your thumbnails could shave off a whole hour of that backtracking .

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