Sketching Linear Perspective Gesture Drawings

Linear perspective can be captured quickly as a gesture drawing, it’s a great entry point to creating a loose cohesive view of the scene.

This skill is very helpful in not getting caught up with creating a precise linear perspective drawing dictated by measurements and rulers.

81 min. video

Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Video Walkthrough

  • Often times it can be a lot easier to sketch super loose, approximate lines and then go back in with a ruler to fix things.
  • If you try to make every line you put down accurate, it can get really time consuming and cause your drawing to look very stiff and sterile.
  • A gesture drawing of linear perspective is fundamentally no different than a gesture drawing of a figure.
  • Gesture drawings capture the personality of the subject, are light and loose, and show a cohesive view of the subject that is complete.
  • Ultimately when you draw any space, the element that matters the most is conveying the mood and the atmosphere of a space.
  • When doing a quick gesture drawing of linear perspective, jump around the entire composition, don’t linger in one specific area!
  • Search for landmarks within the space: a chair in the foreground, a figure in the far back, etc.
  • Linear perspective is most easily seen in tiles on the floor or ceiling, or any repeated object (street lights) where the objects are lined up in a row, converging back into space.
  • Don’t limit yourself to only sketching the lines when drawing linear perspective, shading in large space can be really effective in terms of showing depth.
  • While measuring can be helpful, training your eye to recognize linear perspective in the real world is very important.
  • You can’t draw linear perspective, if you can’t identify it in real life.
  • You can train yourself to sketch linear perspective from observation, but the nuts and bolts of how linear perspective work are critical: horizon lines, vanishing points, vanishing lines, etc.
Sketching Linear Perspective Gesture Drawings

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