Three Point Linear Perspective

This is a comprehensive explanation of 3 point linear perspective, that distills the most essential elements. Hear a concrete breakdown of the process, including how to apply these skills into the context of an artwork, without your piece looking like a boring series of cubes in space! Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Video […]

1 Point Linear Perspective Drawing Demo

This video demos how to apply 1 point linear perspective principles in drawing, using Procreate, ink wash, and movie stills from Alfred Hitchcock films as reference images. Drawing techniques and Procreate and ink wash and a bamboo pen are explained, as well as how to identify the vanishing point, the vanishing lines, establish the horizon […]

Sketching Linear Perspective Gesture Drawings

Linear perspective can be captured quickly as a gesture drawing, it’s a great entry point to creating a loose cohesive view of the scene. This skill is very helpful in not getting caught up with creating a precise linear perspective drawing dictated by measurements and rulers. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist […]

Atmospheric Perspective

Atmospheric perspective in art creates the illusion of space in a 2D artwork. Atmospheric perspective emphasizes spatial intervals, the distance between objects where as objects recede into the distance, they become less detailed, lower in contrast, and more blurry. Objects in the foreground by contrast are articulated with crisp details and high contrast in order […]

One & Two Point Linear Perspective

The essentials of 1 point and 2 point linear perspective are explained in this video by breaking it down with clear, concrete images that make it easy to translate perspective to observational drawing, as opposed to dry and boring diagrams of cubes and blocks. Basic ideas of linear perspective, such as point of view, and […]

Intro to One Point Linear Perspective

The nuts and bolts of 1 point linear perspective are comprehensively explained in this video. Using stills from movies that display 1 point perspective shows that linear perspective doesn’t have to be the boring, dry, outdated technical exercise that it frequently is presented as in classrooms. Basic concepts of linear perspective, such as point of […]

One Point Perspective, Demonstration

This video is a drawing demonstration of how to apply rules of 1 point linear perspective into the context of observational drawing using pastel pencils. The processes of how to identify the vanishing point, the vanishing lines, establish the horizon line, and how to develop the drawing to convey a convincing sense of space are […]