Color Track

The Color Track will provide a comprehensive exploration of color. It addresses the specifics of color theory and the creative potential of color as a vehicle for narrative and abstract expression. See how color profoundly impacts all of the fundamentals of an artwork through it’s various forms and facets. Visit our color section for more […]

Color Premium Track

The Color Premium Track covers the most essential basics of color theory in a practical manner that can ultimately be applied to any field of art or art medium. Topics we’ll address include warm/cool colors, complementary colors, saturation, how to create color palettes, and more. The curriculum we will use is from our Color Track. […]

Teaching Color with Crayons: Tony Janello

RISD Adjunct Professor Tony Janello speaks to Art Prof Clara Lieu in his studio about his approach to color theory as an artist and professor. They discuss a drawing technique Tony developed using Caran d’Ache Neocolor I crayons to create portrait drawings drawn from life. Janello explains common problems students encounter while studying color and […]

Color Palettes for Characters

This video demonstrates how to create several different color palettes for one character design, exploring how color can be used to establish a specific mood or personality in a character and how to group colors to work effectively with each other. Demo led by Teaching Artists Cat Huang and Jordan McCracken-Foster.  Video Walkthrough Determining a […]

Elements of Art: Color

Color is one of the Elements of Art that is essential to a work of art. Here is an overview of the various components of color to be considered: saturation, value, contrast, complementary color pairs, warm & cool colors, and more. This video provide examples of contemporary art and images from art history where texture […]

Warm & Cool Colors

This video explains how warm colors and cool colors can be used to create mood and contrast in an artwork. While there are colors that are stereotypically seen as “warm” and “cool,” warm and cool colors are contextual, and is often times not as straightforward as it might seem! Examples from contemporary art and art […]

Color Saturation

This video explores color saturation, explaining how intense and muted colors can work together effectively in fine art, illustration, film, character design, and more. Both muted and intense colors contribute important elements of color that are both equally important in an artwork. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster. Video […]

How To Create Color Palettes

Planning a color scheme for an artwork is an effective way to achieve visual cohesion and intent in your artwork. Color schemes are an effective way of establishing a mood in a painting, as well as creating visual contrast and textures. There are many ways to collect ideas for color schemes and apply them to […]

Complementary Color Chart

This video shows a color chart mixing exercise based on complementary color pairs, using purple and yellow. This color chart is very effective in terms of training your eye to see subtle shifts of color. This video shows how to develop a more sensitive color mixing technique, and mixing different levels of saturation with the […]

Complementary Colors: Purple & Yellow

This video explains the basics of how complementary colors work, focusing on purple & yellow. An explanation for how complementary colors are laid out in the color wheel is provided, as well as how complementary colors can be implemented into paintings.  Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Deepti Menon and Lauryn […]

Complementary Colors: Blue & Orange

This video explain the basics of how complementary colors work and how they can be used effectively to create color contrast in color art media. This video focuses on blue and orange as an example. By looking at examples in contemporary art and art history, this video discusses the way the complementary colors are laid […]

Complementary Colors: Red & Green

Complementary colors are a fundamental part of color theory that can vastly influence how you use color. We define what complementary colors are, and how they can be used effectively to create color contrast in color art media. Explained is the way the complementary colors are laid out in the color wheel, as well as […]