Procreate: Color Palettes for Characters

This video demonstrates how to create several different color palettes for one character design.

80 min. video

Explained is how color can be used to establish a specific mood or personality in a character and how to group colors to work effectively with each other.

Demo led by Teaching Artists Cat Huang and Jordan McCracken-Foster

Video Walkthrough

  • Determining a character’s clothing based on their story.
  • Basing a character on someone you know in real life.
  • Showing different emotions in the same character.
  • Starting the coloring process with the skin tone.
  • How to fill shapes with color in Procreate.
  • In comics and illustration the final product is not the physical artwork.
  • Most comics and illustration work is a reproduction, like a page in a magazine, or a poster.
  • Coloring digitally vs. traditionally.
  • How to choose a name for your character (
  • Do your coloring in a separate layer when working digitally.
  • Traditional ink supplies.
  • Use the psychology of color when creating color palettes.
  • Example: Red often represents anger in characters.
  • Gradient maps in Procreate.
  • Sometimes creating color palettes is just a matter of trial and error.
  • Considering the balance of warm and cool colors.
  • A lot of the process is intuition, play, and experimentation.
  • Color schemes in films are very helpful to observe.
Jordan McCracken-Foster
Jordan McCracken-Foster
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