How to Draw Clothing

This six part series demonstrates how to draw clothing, with each video focusing on a specific fold type. Each demo begins with a brief discussion of how each fold type behaves, as well as concrete tips for how to approach drawing the specific fold type. Discussions and drawing demos by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Pipe Fold

  • Explaining all the fold types
  • Thicker fabrics vs. Thinner fabrics
  • Clothing is both soft and tense
  • Sharpening your observational drawing skills
  • Hard & soft edges in your drawing technique
  • Varying physical pressure
  • Pipe folds as A line dresses
  • Pipe folds are straight and regal

Diaper Fold

  • Reviewing all the fold types.
  • How to identify fold types
  • Points of tension in a fold
  • Victorian era dresses
  • Weight distribution in a figure
  • Drawing full figures
  • Curtains with diaper folds
  • Academic diaper fold drawings

Moving Fold

  • Reviewing all the fold types.
  • How fold types intersect
  • Simple, structural lines.
  • Drawing on black paper
  • Blocking in patches of color
  • Line as a drawing fundamental
  • The flow of a moving fold
  • Focusing on the largest shapes