Creating Digital Collages for Composition

Digital collages will help you use your reference photos more effectively in your paintings. You’ll be able to create more ambitious compositions, and test of a ton of options quickly, and thereby get more diverse layouts. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Video Walkthrough As a free educational source, Art Prof uses Amazon affiliate links […]

How To Shoot Your Own Reference Photos for Painting

See how effective taking the time to shoot your own reference photos can be. Explained are ways to set up photos with lighting and point of view to create reference photos that can be used to create intricated figurative paintings. Discussion with Art Prof Clara Lieu with Guest Artist Owen Rival. Guest Artist Owen Rival […]

Brainstorming TRACK: Lesson 5, Shooting Reference Photos

Prompt Preliminary Sketch Tips for shooting reference photos Inspiration Cat, Prof Lieu, Alex Hear from an Art Prof Student “My main takeaway is to look for references and sources that go beyond just stylistic choices. Try to find references that express themes and deeper meanings even if they don’t appear relevant to the topic on […]

Artist Business TRACK: Lesson 2, Shooting Photos of Your Artwork

Prompt Shoot photographs of your artwork for use on your website and on social media. The idea here is to stock up on tons of photos so you have a substantial inventory of photos to draw from. Remember, there is no such thing as having “too many” photos! Even photos you don’t use right now […]

How to Film & Edit Video Shorts

Short videos are a great way to get visibility as an artist! This video provides ideas for short videos, info on easy software you can use for editing, adding graphics, stills of art, and captions. Tips for how to shoot video footage that will be dynamic in a video short. Discussion led by Art Prof […]

How to Choose Reference Photos for Your Art

Finding good reference photos for your artwork isn’t always easy! This video explains what specific qualities to look for when looking for reference photos for your art. Factors to consider include the resolution of the photo, lighting, focus, and more. Tips for sites that provide a diverse range of references are talked about as well. […]

How to Shoot Your Own Reference Photos

Shooting your own photo references for your artwork can be very effective for getting the visuals you need! This video explains what is necessary for a photo reference to be effective, what visual elements to look for and emphasize, how to make choices on setting up a model, lighting, props, and more. Discussion led by […]

How To Photograph Your 2D & 3D Art

This video provides a comprehensive look at how to photograph your 2D & 3D artwork, showing common problems and with practical techniques to achieve photos that will accurately represent your artwork. Having high quality photos of your artwork is more important today than ever: you need photos of your artwork for your website, social media, […]