Elements of Art: Color

Color is one of the Elements of Art that is essential to a work of art.

Here is an overview of the various components of color to be considered: saturation, value, contrast, complementary color pairs, warm & cool colors, and more.

45 min. video

This video provide examples of contemporary art and images from art history where texture plays an integral role.

Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Lauryn Welch and Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Clara Lieu

Video Walkthrough

  • Learning color
  • Working in black & white first
  • See colors as a group
  • Colors are like people
  • Colors are about relationships
  • Color wheel

Prof Lieu’s Tips

Clara cartoon

I feel bad for muddy colors! If you think about it, muddy colors really do all the heavy lifting, the super unglamorous work that is so important and fundamental for an artwork.

Clara Lieu
Intro to Oil Painting: Part 2 – Step by step

Then this pop of saturated red just waltzes in last minute and gets all the credit for their bling!

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