Elements of Art: Texture in 3D

Texture is one of the Elements of Art that is readily seen in 3D artworks. Materials, surfaces in 3D artworks vary tremendously and contribute towards the character of an artwork.

This video provides examples of contemporary art and images from art history where texture plays an integral role.

Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Art Prof Teaching Artist Cat Huang.

Digital Basics Premium Track
Digital Basics TRACK: Lesson 3, Texture Cubes

Video Walkthrough

  • Contrast in texture
  • Smooth vs. Rough
  • Inherent textures in the material
  • Texture created with the hand
  • Texture created by process
  • Does the texture have a direction?
  • Woven texture
  • Color & Texture
  • Painted sculptures
  • Inherent color in the material
air dry skull sculpture, banner
Sculpting Skulls with Air Dry Clay