Abstract Acrylic Painting Prompts

This video demos exciting painting prompts to get you started creating abstract paintings in acrylic, using a wide range of techniques and tools for creating abstract paintings in acrylic paint.

76 min video

These prompts are a great way to jump start your process so you can get moving with your paintings. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu.

Painting Basics Track: Self-Portrait Palette Knife Painting, banner

Crissie’s Tips

Crissie PNG Discord

One thing I do is watch other artists’ live drawing streams. Not edited or time-lapse, but live.

I like to do this because I see experienced, professional artists make mistakes .. and either incorporate a mistake into the work (à la Bob Ross’ “happy accidents”) .. or work out how to fix it.

Landscapes Track: Grocery Store Alien Landscape
Crissie Brown

We all make mistakes, and seeing professional artists deal with their mistakes helps throttle down the “I MUST GET IT RIGHT” mindset.

Crissie is a moderator in our Discord server.

Reference Photos

Water Reference #2
Fruit Reference #24

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