Brush Pen Drawing in Taiwan

Art Prof Clara Lieu draws on site throughout several cities in Taiwan including Taipei, Beitou, Taitung, Hualien, using Tombow brush pens, a sketchbook, and Bristol board. Lieu gives tips for urban sketching, demonstrates step by step her drawing process with brush pens, and talks about how the culture and experience of traveling in Taiwan affects her artistic process. 

Video Walkthrough

  • Arriving in Taiwan
  • Kaohsiung Night Market
  • Beitou Thermal Valley
  • Statue at the Zushi Temple
  • Golden God or Demon, National Palace Museum
  • Jiufen Landscape
  • Sketchbooks & Bristol Board
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens
  • Shrimp drawing at the night market
  • Tombow blending palette
  • Taitung street drawing
  • Happy accidents in Taitung
  • Tian Hou Temple Demon
  • Fruit and tofu vendor
  • Fried fish vendor at the night market
  • A quiet street in Taitung
  • A street sink in Kaohsiung
  • Work space drawing in Hualien
  • Decrepit building in Kaohsiung
  • Drawings of family
  • Gesture drawing of the National Palace Museum, Taipei
  • A street cleaner’s bike in Kaohsiung
  • Dumpling restaurant in Hsinchu
  • A tiny restaurant kitchen
  • 10 headed Buddha in Taroko Park
  • Elephant Trail drawing in Taipei
  • Drawing of “orangutan” trees

Art Supplies