Pen & Ink & Pencil Drawing

Art Prof Clara Lieu and Guest Teaching Artist Song Kang demonstrate Song’s drawing technique to create effects similar to ink wash using pen & ink, pencil, and matt medium. Song creates a lively, imaginative composition based on textures and forms in nature. Song begins the drawing by sketching the composition with pencil lines and areas of tone. Next the pencil drawing is coated with matt medium to create a soft, smooth layer that the pen can glide across. Song finishes the drawing with several layers of cross-hatching using pen and ink.

Video Walkthrough

  • Pencil that looks like ink wash
  • Origins of Song’s pencil & pen technique
  • Pencil allows for a broad range of values
  • Song’s walks in nature as inspiration
  • Reference objects at the grocery store
  • Printmaking paper
  • Graphic shapes in the background
  • Switching between drawing line & shading
  • Atmospheric perspective
  • Order of pencils: 4H, 2H, B
  • Applying acrylic matt medium to the drawing
  • Eraser types and brands
  • Using the eraser flat
  • Interesting forms happen when you make a mistake
  • Song’s fast drawing pace
  • When your paper buckles
  • Variation of scale in the nature forms
  • How the pen glides over the matt medium
  • Adding graphite over the pen
  • Eliminating the sheen of graphite with matte spray
  • UV sprays to protect from the sun
  • Painting gesso in the circular shape
  • Adding pen over the gesso

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