Scratchboard Drawing

Professor Clara Lieu and Art Prof Guest Teaching Artist Song Kang demonstrate and explain all of the art supplies and drawing techniques you need to create a detailed scratchboard drawing from beginning to end. Song and Prof Lieu begin the process by shopping for reference objects to observe in order to create an imaginary underwater landscape at an Indian grocery store. Next, Song demonstrates the broad range of lines and marks you can make on scratchboard using an etching needle, a scraper, sandpaper, and more. Song explains in depth how she designs the composition and various techniques for creating cross hatching effects, showing how to group and layer the lines to achieve many different visual effects.

Video Walkthrough

  • What is scratchboard?
  • Types of scratchboard
  • Claybord
  • Song’s experience
  • Scratchboard tools
  • Sandpaper
  • India ink & Claybord
  • Quill pen, etching needle
  • Dried fruits & vegetables
  • Coral landscape
  • Scratchboard as an “X-ray”
  • Preserving the black
  • Areas that are not scratched
  • Nitpicking your artwork
  • Nawa-Ami cross-hatching
Guest Artist

Song Kang