Drawing Celebs as Monsters

Draw a celebrity and transform them into a monster! Techniques in Procreate and oil pastel + colored pencil are shown here as a means to illustrating these monster portraits, and approaches to distortion, drawing a range of textures and forms are explained. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Deepti Menon.

Video Walkthrough

  • What defines a “monster?”
  • Drawing Steve Buscemi
  • Drawing actress Sofia Vergara
  • Conventional standards of beauty.
  • What does it mean to be “ugly?”
  • Exaggerating the forms of your reference photo for a portrait.
  • Using wrinkles in a portrait to show dramatic expression.
  • Using colored pencil for the sketch and adding oil pastel on top.
  • Mixing different brands of oil pastels to get different effects.
  • Drawing with other artists is motivating and inspiring.
  • How to protect an oil pastel drawing from getting smeared or damaged.
  • Colored pencil can be drawn over oil pastel relatively easily.
  • Changing the scale of facial features to create dramatic distortion.

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