Soft Pastel Landscape Drawing

Art Prof Clara Lieu demonstrates drawing a landscape with soft pastels, using three different reference photos to create a new landscape.

1 hour, 51 min. video

Techniques for how to start and develop a soft pastel drawings are explained.

Prof Lieu talks about various techniques specific to soft pastels including layering, blending, creating a diverse range of textures and marks, and more.

Video Walkthrough

  • Diving in without thumbnails.
  • Can you erase soft pastels?
  • Set a goal for your drawing.
  • Differences between various soft pastel brands.
  • Using atmospheric perspective to show depth in a landscape.
  • Blending multiple reference photos.
  • Riding the ups and downs as your drawing progresses.
  • The shape of your soft pastel affects how you physically draw.
  • How to decide when to smudge.
  • Drawing the shapes of the negative space first.
  • Contrasting between crisp and blurry sections of the drawing.
  • Try out drawing with soft pastels with no blending whatsoever.
  • You can “blend” by soft, light cross-hatched strokes.
  • Knowing when to step away from your drawing.
  • Shifting the physical pressure of the soft pastel on the paper.
Soft Pastel Drawing: Landscapes, banner

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