Soft Pastel: Drawing Guinea Pigs

See how to draw guinea pigs using soft pastel gesture drawing techniques. Drawing a moving guinea pig IS possible, get some tips and tricks for how to achieve that.

This video also explains how to capture each guinea pig’s personality by using soft pastel techniques like layering and smudging. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu, starring her guinea pigs Jub Jub, Wheat, and Fluffy.

Video Walkthrough

  • Building layers of pastel with direct marks.
  • Drawing from life is challenging, but so fun and rewarding.
  • Drawing your pet is a great way to practice life drawing.
  • Creating texture with soft pastels to show the fur.
  • Aim to capture the personality of the animal with gesture drawing.
  • Accuracy is not important in gesture drawing.
  • You can have a very accurate drawing of an animal that doesn’t capture their personality at all.
  • Distinguishing between lighting on the animal vs. the color of the fur.
  • Trying out different colors of toned paper for soft pastel.
  • The angle you view the animal at.
  • Pastel paper has texture that allows the paper to “grip” the pastel dust.
  • Certain types of paper, like Bristol board are too smooth for soft pastel.
  • Apply a wide range of physical pressure with the soft pastels.
  • Creating different levels of density with the soft pastel marks.
  • Sometimes working with an artist model who is posing can feel stiff and artificial.
  • Observing an animal in real life lets you see their physical movements.

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