Gelli Plate Monotype Prints

You don’t need a press to create monotypes, all you need is a gelli plate, some water based Akua printmaking inks, and printmaking paper!

17 min. video

Prof Lieu demonstrates every step of the process, showing wiping techniques, brush techniques, registration, and the printing process to create a monochromatic monotype.

Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Guest Teaching Artist Owen Rival.

Video Walkthrough

  • Monotypes are prints that can only be printed once.
  • Monotypes are contrary to the definition of printmaking, which is about images that can be reproduced.
  • The convenience of creating monotypes without a press.
  • Gel printing plates allow you to print in a home studio.
  • Akua intaglio inks are water based.
  • Water based printmaking ink vs. oil based printmaking ink.
  • Using a light board to see the image more clearly while working.
  • Wipe away technique: rolling the entire gel plate with ink first.
  • Highlights are wiped away with a cotton rag.
  • Bristle brushes can create texture and brush techniques.
  • Creating a registration sheet for getting accurate printing.
  • Cleaning up gel plates using baby wipes.
  • Creating “ghost” prints.
Intaglio Printmaking: Drypoint
Drypoint: Intaglio Printmaking

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