Drawing in China: Brush Pens & Collage

The Art Prof team travels to Guangzhou, China where they draw on site using alcohol based markers, water based brush pens, felt tip pens, and mixed media collage to show the urban sketching process from beginning to end.

Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Eloise Sherrid, Casey Roonan, and Lauryn Welch discuss the challenges and experience of drawing on site in a foreign country, as well as how the traveling experience influences their artistic process.

Video Walkthrough

  • The climate in Guangzhou
  • The cityscape in Guangzhou
  • Cuisine in Guangzhou: hot pot
  • Learning Chinese slang.
  • The advantages of drawing with a group of artists.
  • Dancing to Chinese pop in a park.
  • Color and pattern in landscapes.
  • Kaiping Dialous
  • Travel mishaps
  • Maintaining a sketchbook practice.
  • Comic City
  • Drawing at a cat cafe.
  • Huangsha Fish Market
  • Guangzhou medicine market
  • Starting a drawing on site and continuing with reference photos.
  • The textures and layers in a alleyways in China.
  • Teaching as a team.
Clara Lieu, banner

Prof Lieu’s Tips

Clara cartoon

Shape is often so “basic” that people don’t take a lot of time to think about it! Shape has a really prominent role in many artworks across fields.

Deepti banner stop motion animation

I recommend trying out stencils and collage as a means of exploring shape. Since shape is inherent to those techniques, you can’t not address it!

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