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Jordan McCracken-Foster

Teaching Artist
Concept Artist & Illustrator

Behance Porfolio

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Jordan McCracken-Foster, Concept Artist & Illustrator

Artist Statement

“I don’t have any sort of life changing story about how I was born an artistic prodigy wielding a crayon like a sword in my hand, and effortlessly creating masterpieces when I made contact with the paper. Nope, that’s not me. But I do like to draw and paint, and I’ve been developing this passion ever since I was a little kid, and all the way through high school.

When I entered art school I was highly encouraged by the new artistic community that surrounded me. Art school was a great place for me to strengthen my weaknesses and learn how to think like an artist. However, one thing I had to discover for myself was how to truly become a successful artist. I originally thought being a successful artist all depended on getting a good job or some award, but then my friend told me ‘you can only be unsuccessful in life if you’re unhappy.’

After hearing this, I realized that my thinking was too narrow. I realized that my ultimate dream was in simply doing what I love, not some prestigious position. Since I’ve taken this step, I’ve become hopelessly addicted to drawing, or as Prof Lieu likes to call me ‘the ultimate drawing nerd.’

I’m mostly inspired by concept art and visual development artwork from video games, film, and television. I’m stoked to be a part of the ever-growing Art Prof community. Let’s make some art!”

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