Procreate Animation: Pigs

See how an animation of a pig is made in 1 hour in Procreate! Tips are also given on how to capture the likeness of a pig.

Also included are techniques for how to draw pigs using Caran d’Ache Neocolor II crayons on an unprimed basswood panel.

Demo led by Teaching Artist Deepti Menon and Art Prof Clara Lieu.

Crayon Drawing, Pigs, banner

Video Walkthrough

  • Drawing from imagination vs. Drawing from reference
  • Planning the composition with thumbnails
  • Shooting pig reference photos
  • Observing pigs in real life
  • Color scheme of the pigs
  • Reference photos to examine the animal’s anatomy
  • Solid surfaces for crayon drawing
  • Animation made in 1 hour!
  • “Chatter” effect in animation
  • Animation techniques in Procreate
  • Organizing layers in Procreate to create animation
Crayon Drawing, Pigs, banner
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