Charcoal Animation

Learn how to turn a charcoal drawing into an animated short using the Stop Motion Studio App. This video walks through, step by step, the entire process of shooting images to create a short animation piece.

Animation concepts, such as speed, frame rate, how to set up a phone on a cell phone holder, are explained, as well as what charcoal tools are best to use for this format. Demo led by Art Prof Teaching Artist Deepti Menon and Casey Roonan.

Video Walkthrough

  • Picking a reference object
  • Tripod arm set up
  • Charcoal supplies
  • Stop Motion Studio app
  • Toning the paper
  • First frame
  • Second frame
  • “Onion skin” technique
  • Animation movements
  • Play back
  • Editing
  • Movie Speed, frames per second
  • Exporting your movie

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