Procreate: Digital Mastercopies

Copying a digital painting is a great exercise to develop your digital painting skills and analyze the techniques used in great paintings.

In this video we demonstrates how to make a mastercopy in Procreate.

81 min. video

This video shows the step by step process how start one, while also prodiving reasons for what you can learn and gain from this exercise.

Demo by Teaching Artists Jordan McCracken-Foster and Deepti Menon.

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Mia Rozear

Video Walkthrough

  • Mastercopies allow you to practice fundamentals of art.
  • Starting with a background color that isn’t white makes it a lot easier to see colors.
  • Duplicate the original painting to make sure your mastercopy has the same aspect ratio.
  • Is a mastercopy the same as making fan art?
  • If you post your mastercopy online, it’s courteous to credit the artist whose artwork you are copying.
  • The purpose of a mastercopy is entirely about study and learning.
  • Clipping Masks in Procreate allow you to crop something without losing all of it.
  • It’s a good idea if you make fan art to be sure to have your own art practice.
  • Jordan recommends picking 4 colors to get started with your palette.
  • Time yourself when doing a mastercopy, about 1 hour so you don’t pick too much. (for more time consuming media like oils, don’t use this time limit)
  • A mastercopy gets you to think more into their head and process.
  • Doing a mastercopy can expose what skills you need to work on.
  • Jordan recommends starting with hard edge brushes to block in big shapes at the beginning and then moving to softer brushes later.
  • There’s no need to work on a mastercopy obsessively, but it’s a personal preference and what you want to focus on.

Blue Wolf’s Tips

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Doing a mastercopy is something that is widely done. You’re not going to pass off Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring as your own.

Rainstorm over the Sea, John Constable Painting
John Constable

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