Artist Business TRACK

The Artist Business Track will give you a solid foundation of content, presented in a professional manner to help launch your career as an artist.

Ongoing Assignment
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Lesson 4 • Lesson 5 • Lesson 6

Whether you want to sell, network, or engage with an audience this track will get you to form a strategy for how to approach promoting your art practice.

Selling Art: Art Fairs, Mia Rozear


Do the track at your own pace! Taking the time to process the content is important, so we don’t advise putting pressure on yourself to finish the track quickly.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the process.

Show us what you make!

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting, Lauryn, banner

Ongoing Assignment

Artist Business Track
Artist instagram

Create strategy for your Instagram to try for a minimum of 6 continuous weeks.

Lesson 1

Artist Business Track
Artist statement

Write artist statements, of varying lengths, that provide insight into your art practice.

Lesson 2

Artist Business Track
Photographing your artwork

Learn the logistics of getting professional photographs for both your website and Instagram.

Lesson 3

Artist Business Track
artist website: set up

Pick a platform, get a domain name, and create wire frames to plan how your site will be organized.

Lesson 4

Artist Business Track
artist cv & bio

Write an artist CV (curriculum vitae) that is a history of your practice as an artist.

Lesson 5

Artist Business Track

Create one 15 second video short that shows some aspect of your artistic process.

Lesson 6

Artist Business Track
artist website: galleries

Fill in all the galleries and other pages on your website with artwork images and information.

Selling Your Art: Lauryn Welch