Business Curriculum 2

Part 2 of a complete guide to running an art business as a self-taught artist.

This video addresses fundamental concerns such as networking, non-art skills like public speaking, interviews, writing, self-promotion.

Discussed as well is how to find support within a creative community, establishing a professional reputation in the field, dealing with copyright and legal concerns, and more.

Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Selling Your Art: Clar Angkasa
Clar Angkasa

Prof Lieu’s Tips

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I’ve noticed that a lot of artists often don’t align their own Instagram habits with how they run their own Instagram account.

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Do Artists Need to Show Their Face?

I know so many artists who are very hesitant to show their face, (and of course, that’s a personal decision which I respect) and yet I can tell you that when somebody post an Instagram story with their face, I definitely engaged with it and remember it much more.

Clara Lieu, Cat Huang

Or, often times I will see artist who repost another artist and their story, and I really don’t pay attention to it unless they add some commentary. Adding a few words is a big difference so people hear your voice.

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