Dip Pen Drawing with Ink & Markers

Dip pens and ink can create a beautiful effect when combined with layers of markers and white gesso. This video demos a unique technique with these art supplies that produce a drawing with delicate line work and subtle colors. Tips for how to draw with a dip pen using cross-hatching techniques are explained, as well as how to use these drawing materials together in a mixed media drawing. Demo led by Guest Teaching Artist Song Kang and Art Prof Clara Lieu.

Video Walkthrough

  • Searching for reference objects from the dollar store
  • Finding objects that show texture and form at the dollar store
  • Spray painting reference objects white to see the form better
  • Discovering unexpected reference objects at the dollar store
  • Mixed media techniques which were a result of mistakes
  • Watercolor blocks to prevent the paper from buckling
  • H pencils to prevent smudging
  • Using markers to block out fields of saturated colors
  • Tinting gesso to paint a layer over the marker drawing
  • What colors to mix to create a neutral tone in the tinted gesso
  • Saving the mixture of tinted gesso for later use in the drawing
  • Dip pen techniques: pen angle, physical pressure, line width
  • When to use a dip pen vs. When to use a fineliner pen
  • Cross-hatching techniques: when to do parallel lines vs. crossed ones
  • How do you know the drawing is done?
  • Tip for how to deal with aches and pains when doing pen drawing
  • What to do when you get an ink blot on your drawing
  • Adding extra tinted gesso to paint over ink blots
  • Adding tinted gesso on several areas so the area with the ink blot doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb

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