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Wed., August 7 @ 7pm EST, Lauryn
Artist: Ilna Colmere (3 artworks)

Thurs., August 8 @ 7pm EST, Lauryn
Artists: Kerry Murphy, Olivia Stabile

Sun., August 11 @ 10pm EST, Jordan
Artist: Joseph Grajales (2 artworks)

Tues., August 13 @ 11pm EST, Jordan
Artist: Sneha Bose (3 artworks)

Wed., August 14 @ 7pm EST, Lauryn
Artist: Bev Barnard (3 artworks)

Thurs., August 15 @ 7pm EST, Lauryn
Artists:  Soleil Medley, Mia G.

Sun., August 18 @ 10pm EST, Jordan
Artist: Ira F. (3 artworks)

Tues., August 20 @ 10pm EST, Jordan
Artists: Cat, Diana Gonzalez

Wed., August 21 @ 7pm EST, Lauryn
Artist: Sara Michaels (3 artworks)

Thurs., August 22 @ 7pm EST, Lauryn
Artist: Olivia Oomen (2 artworks)

Sun., August 25 @ 10pm EST, Jordan
Artist: Johnny Mack (3 artworks)

Mon., August 26 @ 10pm EST, Jordan
Artist: Kate Gillette (3 artworks)

Tues., August 27 @ 10pm EST, Jordan
Artists: Elliot M., David Fetherston

Wed., August 28 @ 7pm EST, Lauryn
Artists: Santiago Villongco, David Fetherston

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44 Portland St.
Worcester, MA 01608
(508) 755-5142

Lecture by Prof Lieu

Saturday, Oct. 12 @ 3pm

Selling Your Art Online
Today, selling your artwork online can be highly effective and profitable. With so many options out there, what is the best one for you?  Find out in this lecture where you will learn how to price your artwork, various platforms for selling, how to set up your shop, shipping details, marketing strategies, presenting your artwork to maximize visibility, and more!  Lecture will be followed by a Q&A session.

In Person Consultations

Prof Lieu is available for 1:1 portfolio reviews and consultations on social media & artist websites in the Boston area.

To inquire, email Prof Lieu.

60 min: $300 USD

2019 Whitehorse Academy Art & Design Center
Vancouver, Canada

Courses in 2D Design, 3D Design, and Drawing by Prof Lieu

2018 ArtOne, Inc.
Guangzhou, China

Courses in Drawing, Design, & Art History by Prof Lieu, Casey Roonan, Lauryn Welch, Eloise Sherrid

2018 PS One Portfolio School
Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, China

Lectures & workshops by Prof Lieu

2018 MAEA Meetup: Group Critique Event
Concord Center for Visual Arts

Critique by Lauryn Welch & Prof Lieu

2017 Northeast Professional Educators Network
Third Annual Conference

Lecture by Prof Lieu
Art Critique Fundamentals

2017 Cantina

Digital Design & Development Agency, Boston, MA
Partnership Launch Party

2017 Foresight Academy

Art & Design Education, Vancouver, Canada
Lecture & Drawing Workshops

2016 Artist Critique Events
Blick Art Materials in Cambridge & Boston

Featured Artists
Ellen MarroneMaya Meen

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