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Live Streams & Lectures

Discord Voice Channel for Patreon Supporters

Every week, Prof Lieu, Deepti, or Jordan host a live voice session in our Discord for our Patreon supporters. Ask a question, get a critique,  and more!

Prof Lieu prioritizes the #patreon-chat channel, so you can post there any time to get a prompt reply. To get access to our Discord voice channel, you’ll need to pledge a minimum of $8 monthly on our Patreon.

Discord Voice Schedule

This schedule is subject to change!
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Tues., Dec 29 @ 11pm EST, Prof Lieu
Thurs., Jan 7 @ 10pm EST, Jordan
Wed., Jan 13 @ 12pm EST, Prof Lieu
Thurs., Jan 21 @ 10pm EST, Deepti
Tues., Jan 26 @ 11pm EST, Prof Lieu
Thurs., Feb 4 @ 12pm EST, Prof Lieu

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Draw Along
Oil Pastels, Part 2
Sun., Jan 10 @ 12pm EST, Prof Lieu

Staff Profile
Mon., Jan 11 @ 10pm EST, Prof Lieu

Lighting Basics for Artists
Seeing Shadows
Tues., Jan 12 @ 10pm EST, Prof Lieu, Lauryn, & Alex

Procreate Draw Along
Shading Techniques for Character Design
Wed., Jan 13 @ 10pm EST, Jordan & Cat

Anatomy for Artists
Muscles in the Front Torso
Thurs., Jan 14 @ 10pm EST, Prof Lieu

Curriculum for Self-Taught Artists, Part 2
Fri., Jan 15 @ 10pm EST, Prof Lieu & Alex

Paint Along
Water Mixable Oil Painting, Part 2
Sat., Jan 16 @ 12pm EST, Prof Lieu

Draw Along
Soft Pastels, Part 1
Sun., Jan 17 @ 12pm EST, Prof Lieu

Cold Call Tips for Artists
Mon., Jan 18 @ 10pm EST, Prof LieuLauryn

Art Prof Raffle & Fundraiser
Tues., Jan 19, Time TBA
Prof LieuAlex, Jordan, Deepti, Cat, Lauryn

Procreate Draw Along
Wed., Jan 20 @ 10pm EST, Prof Lieu & Mia Rozear

Procreate Animation
Thurs., Jan 21 @ 10pm EST, Prof Lieu & Sean Lark Reece

2D Compositions that DON’T work!
Fri., Jan 22 @ 10pm EST, Prof Lieu, Lauryn, & Alex

Paint Along
Water Mixable Oil Painting, Part 3
Sat., Jan 23 @ 12pm EST, Prof Lieu

Draw Along
How to Draw Clothing: Dead Fold
Sun., Jan 24 @ 12pm EST, Prof Lieu & Jordan

Procreate Draw Along
Alien Landscapes
Mon., Jan 25 @ 10pm EST, Deepti & Cat

Paint Along
Water Mixable Oil Painting, Part 4
Tues., Jan 26 @ 12pm EST, Prof Lieu

Illustration Portfolio Critique
Julie Kitzes
Wed., Jan 27 @ 10pm EST, Prof Lieu & Alex

Anatomy for Artists
Muscles in the Back Torso
Thurs., Jan 28 @ 10pm EST, Prof Lieu

Draw Along
Soft Pastels, Part 2
Fri., Jan 29 @ 10pm EST, Prof Lieu

December Art Dare: Illustrate an Idiom
Featured Entries
Sat., Jan 30 @ 12pm EST, Prof LieuLauryn

Procreate Draw Along
Underwater Landscapes
Sun., Jan 31 @ 12pm EST, Deepti & Jordan

Lectures by Prof Lieu
Email Prof Lieu for rates and more info.

Selling Your Art Online
Today, selling your artwork online can be highly effective and profitable. With so many options out there, what is the best one for you?  Find out in this lecture where you will learn how to price your artwork, various platforms for selling, how to set up your shop, shipping details, marketing strategies, presenting your artwork to maximize visibility, and more. Lecture will be followed by a Q&A session.

Social Media for Visual Artists

Social Media is an essential component of being a professional today. Find out which social media platform is best suited to your needs as a visual artist, and learn concrete strategies which will help you use social media effectively. Learn about the social media platforms available, and get practical, straightforward advice for how you can best harness these platforms to pursue their career goals. Lecture will be followed by a QA session.

Artist Websites
Having an effective artist website is a major part of being a visual artist today. The artist’s website is the base where an artist can show the scope of their artwork. Creating a clean, easy to navigate artist website is surprisingly difficult with a whole host of challenges. Get practical advice for simple actions you can take to clean up and reorganize your artist website so it can better serve your needs as an artist. Lecture will be followed by a QA session.

Business Tips for Artists
Being a visual artist is more than creating the artwork. In this lecture, learn the nuts and bolts of the business of being a visual artist. Get practical tips on pricing your artwork, creating email lists, business cards, print materials, artist grants, networking, booking exhibitions, taxes, art commissions, and more. Lecture will be followed by a QA session.

How to Start & Grow Your YouTube Channel
YouTube is one of the most powerful and exciting platforms online today, offering endless opportunities to connect with a global audience by sharing videos of all types. However, the nuts and bolts of running a YouTube channel can be challenging to understand! You’ll get insight on topics like how to monetize your channel, coming up with ideas for video content, building an audience, promoting your channel, live streaming, equipment, editing software, and more. Lecture followed by a Q&A session.


Prof Lieu does consulting and faculty training on teaching art remotely for school districts, universities, and colleges. Clients have included Massachusetts College of Art & DesignFramingham State UniversitySocorro Independent School District in TXArlington Public Schools in Virginia, the Chicago High School for the Arts, and the California Art Education Association.

Below is a list of sample lectures Prof Lieu can provide, although lecture topics can be customized to suit the needs and budget of your program.

Sample Faculty Lecture #1
Shifting Your Mindset to Teach Art Remotely

The most fundamental shift to remote teaching is a dramatic change that has to happen in your mindset as a teacher. Switching from a brick and mortar classroom to a remote learning is not just a physical, it’s going to be a change in your pedagogical goals and expectations. We’ll discuss how remote teaching is not just a physical change, but also one that has to happen on a more fundamental level in terms of how we approach teaching and relate to our students. We will break down how to shift your overall approach to teaching to maximize what remote teaching can accomplish.

Sample Faculty Lecture #2
Platforms, Communication, and Managing Content

With an overwhelming number of options for class communication and content available today, this workshop will explain options for how to translate your brick and mortar course in order to custom tailor a smooth, streamlined set of communication and content platforms. We’ll discuss live video vs. pre-recorded video, how to communicate effectively with students online, options for group communication, audio content vs. video content, options and formats for running group and individual critiques, and more.

Sample Faculty Lecture #3
Technology & Equipment for Remote Art Demos

This workshop will demonstrate and review the nuts and bolts of how to create a flexible, physical set up to do studio art demos online. We will provide detailed info on recommended equipment, (including equipment to avoid) such as webcams, mics, lighting, etc., how to troubleshoot common problems such adjusting camera angles, blocked camera views, how to stream live video, free streaming software options, and more.


Art Prof 2020 Graduation: A Global Exhibition for Art & Design Students

The spring season is usually marked by important experiences such as final exhibitions, commencement, and more. However, due to the global pandemic this spring 2020, graduating students are feeling the loss of these rites of passage this spring. Many schools have either postponed or cancelled senior exhibitions.  This loss to graduating students is tremendous.

The Art Prof 2020 Graduation was a live stream which featured artwork by graduating BFA, MFA,  BA or MA in studio art programs from schools all over the world, plus seasoned advice from professional artists, designers, and faculty.

2017 Northeast Professional Educators Network
Third Annual Conference

Lecture by Prof Lieu
Art Critique Fundamentals

2017 Cantina

Digital Design & Development Agency, Boston, MA
Partnership Launch Party

2017 Foresight Academy

Art & Design Education, Vancouver, Canada
Lecture & Drawing Workshops

2016 Artist Critique Events
Blick Art Materials in Cambridge & Boston

Featured Artists: Ellen MarroneMaya Meen

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