MFA Sculpture Portfolio Critique

This video provides a critique of art art school portfolio, starting with an overview of the portfolio, followed by critiques for each individual artwork. Topics discussed include aspects of the entire portfolio and artworks are working well, and recommends concrete strategies for how to make progress. Critique led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching […]

Should I Get an MFA?

How do you decide if you should get an MFA program in studio art? A lot of the decision is based on a number of factors, is enrolling in an MFA program worth the time and cost? This video addresses the many reasons why people attend MFA programs and weighs the pros and cons. Do […]

How to Prepare an MFA Art Portfolio

The process of preparing a portfolio for an MFA studio art requires a level of maturity and engagement with critical thinking. At the MFA level, the concerns shift from technical skills to developing a unique artistic vision. This video explores the challenges and strategies that come with preparing an MFA portfolio. Discussion led by Art […]

MFA & Post-Baccalaureate Programs

MFA Programs Columbia University Yale University Cornell University SAIC Bard, Curatorial Studies Syracuse University Vermont College of Fine Arts School of Visual Arts Mass College of Art SMFA/Tufts Boston University RISD MICA University of PA NY Academy of Art Hunter College Low Residency MFA Programs Burren College of Art Hartford Art School, Illustration Lesley Art […]