Art Prof Share

We feature artworks you create in response to an Art Prof video!

Submit your art to be considered for a short feature during one of our live streams. We highlight artworks you create that demonstrate an idea, a technique, or anything else you learned from one of our videos.

For example, if you watched our Cat Drawing tutorial, and then did gesture drawings of your dog. Perhaps you added merch to your online shop with tips from our streams Pricing Your Art + Selling Your Art as Merch. If you’re not sure if your artwork is a good fit for Art Prof Share, please contact us.

In the short feature, we’ll show your artwork(s), labeled with your name and link, and read from your written statement about your experience learning and creating the artwork. We will list your name and link in the YouTube video description.

Preparing your submission


Make sure the photos of your selected artwork(s) are in a high resolution, at least 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels.

If you are submitting more than 1 image, please name each image file with the title of the artwork.

Place your images in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder, and share the link to that folder in the form below.

LIMIT 9 images.

Make sure the privacy settings on the folder are set to ‘anyone with the link can access’.


Please write a brief statement that talks about the Art Prof video(s) you watched.

Explain what you learned from watching the video(s).

  • What was the biggest takeaway?
  • How did you apply knowledge and/or skills you gained from the video to your experience creating the artwork?

Please be as specific as possible; statements that do not address these topics are unlikely to be accepted.

Submission of plagiarized artworks will not be tolerated.

All artwork submitted must be original. If we discover at any point that your artwork was plagiarized, your submission will be disqualified and you will no longer be eligible to participate in any Art Prof video content in the future. Plagiarism is a serious offense and we do not take it lightly. For more information on plagiarism, copyright, and art ethics, please watch the videos in this playlist.

Submit to Art Prof Share