April 2021 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2021 April Art Dare: “Selfie Self-Portraits,” where participants were asked create artwork in any medium based on a selfie! The art dare challenged people to play with distortion, exaggeration, point of view, foreshortening, and more in their self-portraits. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Prize Winner

Iris Wilde (Germany)

When the selfie Art Dare was announced, I had just chopped off a bunch of my hair and taken some selfies because I felt so much better about myself.

I wanted to incorporate yarn from the hand-woven scarf I was wearing, and limit my palette to those colors. The first try on paper did not turn out too well, so I switched to old jeans fabric. The color is pigment from Inktense pencils mixed with water and textile medium.

Since I don’t have a lot of experience, the stitching was mostly trial and error. I didn’t like the result until I realized I had forgotten to put on my glasses! Once I added those with bead embroidery and went back to the originally planned square format, the piece worked a lot better. My very first Art Dare, I’m excited!

Honorable Mention

Mel Smith (United Kingdom)

I really enjoyed the April Art Dare and it was very much in my comfort zone because I like doing portraits. I try to express some kind of emotion in my art and for me drawing or painting people is the best way of doing that.

One of the media used was Neocolor 1 which I first learnt about from Art Prof! Thank you. The abstract Art Dare for May is definitely not in my comfort zone but I’m hoping to find the courage to try it!

Featured Entries

Nandy (USA)

Phyllis K. Masters (USA)

Kristy Mannell (The Netherlands)

Jennifer Bocian (Denmark)

Arielle Finberg (USA)