February 2021 Winners

Art Prof Clara Lieu announces the results of the 2021 February Art Dare: “Elements of Art IRL,” where participants were asked to see the Elements of Art in real life, and then take photos of where you see these elements in your everyday life.

Prize Winner

Nana (Sweden)

I only quite recently got myself a DSLR camera and love to take macro photographs of different harsh textures to the silky softness and depth of heavy bokeh. I usually take photos of things that catch my eye, but for this art dare I had to train my eye to catch things. Ordinary things but in an interesting way.

I’m chasing Nordic noir and the low-key melancholy that permeates the Scandinavian culture, which transfers to the edits of many of my photographs with cool shadows and a mood of twilight. Macro photography lets me isolate the different elements of art, take them out of the mundane context and into their own magical world.

Honorable Mention

Ashis Sud (India)

Since the purpose of this art dare was to pause and observe Elements of Art IRL, I did not want to go out of the way or visit special places looking for Line, Shape, Value or Texture. I picked up everyday objects lying around the house and a couple of outdoor shots from my daily walk.

Since I have zero Photoshop skills, once I had the photos I applied some effects using an open source image editor. I loved this exercise. It’s quite exciting and satisfying when mundane everyday things can be elevated to the level of art.

Featured Artists

Johnmurf Aguinaldo de Vera

Gil Wanders (Germany)

Sal Devito (USA)

François Charette (Canada)

Nies Gila

Emmanuel Carter

David Knauber 

Madeleine Mate-Kole

Kristýna Hudíková (Czech Republic)