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In a portfolio critique, Prof Clara Lieu provides a detailed assessment of your overall portfolio, critiques each individual artwork, highlights what aspects are working well, and recommends concrete strategies for how to make progress.  Prof Lieu will be honest, constructive, and candid in these critiques. Expect your critique to be tough and forthright. Keep in mind that the objective of a portfolio critique is to provide you with an expert opinion of how your portfolio will hold up in the highly competitive art school admissions process, or within the rigorous standards of the professional art world.

Art School Portfolio Critiques

High school students who are applying for admission to art schools and colleges have the opportunity to get professional feedback on how to improve their portfolios. We recommend requesting a critique early, so that you have time to make changes to your portfolio before your application deadlines.

Artist Portfolio Critiques

Whether you simply want to hear another opinion on your artwork, you’re just getting started with your career, or have already been working as a professional artist for many years, you’ll receive advice and support for how to progress with your artwork according to your personal goals. 

$90 USD

-30 min. portfolio critique
-8-20 artworks
-audio of Prof Clara Lieu
-video of artworks
-within 8 business days

Rush Audio
$150 USD

-30 min. portfolio critique
-8-20 artworks
-audio of Prof Clara Lieu
-video of artworks
-within 2 business days

Submit your materials

Please do the following prior to filling out our portfolio critique submission form.

1.  Create a folder in Google Drive and name it with your first and last name.

2. Create a Google Doc in this folder. In the Google Doc, write a brief statement about who you are, what your experience has been, any concerns you have, and what your short term and long term goals are as an artist. The more you tell us about yourself, the more equipped we will be to provide effective insight.

3. Upload JPG files of 8-20 artworks  into that folder. For each 2D artwork, submit only 1 JPG file.  For 3D artworks, you may submit 1-2 JPG files per artwork.

4. Rename each JPG file like this: “001.jpg.” , “002.jpg”, “003.jpg.”  This way, images are easily referenced in the critique.

5. Open each JPG, click on the 3 dot icon in the upper right, and select “Details.” In the new window, scroll down to the “Description” section. In this section, add the title, media and size of the artwork.  Example: “Self-Portrait, oil on canvas, 18″ x 24.” Titles are optional.

6. In Google Drive, right click on your folder, and select “Get Shareable Link.”  Copy the link.

Submit your portfolio


We will email you to confirm receipt of all your materials, and then send you a payment request via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to process payment.  Once you have submitted your portfolio, statement, and payment, your payment becomes non-refundable.

Receiving your critique

When your portfolio critique is complete, you will receive access to view the critique on Google Drive. Sharing, copying, and downloading of your video will be disabled.  All purchased portfolio critiques remain private unless you grant us permission to release it publicly.

Questions?  Contact us.

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