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Chipboard Personality Sculptures, Aleida Gomes

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Using only abstract shapes, create 2 sculptures that each represent a contrasting side of your personality.
The sculptures must be built from an 8″ x 10″ sheet of thick chipboard, and will hang on the wall.

Core Ideas

Shape, Repetition, Form, Scale, Structure, Negative Space


Art Supplies: T-square
Art Supplies: Utility Knife
Art Prof, Art Supply Encyclopedia: Cutting Mat
Art Supplies: Hot Glue Gun
Art Supplies: Thin Chipboard
Art Supplies: Thick Chipboard
Art Supplies: Hot Glue Sticks
Art Supplies: Scissors


1) Write a list of all of your personality traits.

2) Select 2 contrasting personality traits from your list.

3) Draw shapes in pencil that visually match each personality trait.

2) 8 concept sketches per sculpture:  4” x 5” pencil drawings

3) 2 chipboard sculptures, each mounted on a 8″ x 10″ sheet of chipboard


Mica Furtado

“This material allowed me to expand my creativity because of its flexibility and easiness of use. I started off by sketching ideas and shapes and then I began to think of where each shape would be, or which pattern I would want to use. In this case, it was harder because we had to use two adjectives that describe us and translate them into a sculpture.

The sculpture with swirls and silly looking represents the word ‘curious.’ For ‘curious,’I decided to make it silly and kind of confusing, which the intent was to make the audience guess or wonder which word it represented!

I do not remember the adjective for the other sculpture. This sculpture was not so difficult to accomplish and what I really liked about it is the pattern I used for this sculpture. It does not have a variety of shapes unlike the other sculpture. They are completely different from one another and that is what I really like about them!”

Lee Moistoso

Aleida Gomes

“The piece with round, curled shapes was a piece that defined my personality as being mysterious. The other spiky piece represents my curious side.”

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