May 2022 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2022 May Art Dare: create an artwork using art supplies found in your home. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Cat Huang.

Prize Winner

Anna Karina Winter (Germany)

“The is art dare was a lot of experimenting for me. I decided to work with water and ice. The first photos are showing a little landscape made of frozen flowers and tissues.

The other photos are showing the process of melting one of my icy flower bowls. I let it float in a tank and took pictures during the day while it slowly dissolved.

I loved the thought that depending on weather the water is in a flowing condition or a frozen one it can carry and transform things or it can take them to a state of entire stillness and conservation.

Anna-Karina Winter

Honorable Mention

Carolyn Smith (USA)

“This art dare was fun. I have been thinking about playing with mosaic are for some time, and this was a great opportunity to try it on a small scale.

I used Neutral pH PVA glue diluted with water to glue the pieces down. This piece used about two eggs worth of shell, and about 12 hours to make.

It was quite fun to come home from work knowing that I was going to sit down and spend half an hour or so on it.”

Carolyn Smith

Featured Entries

Neil Espinosa (Philippines)

Mary McElhinny (France)

Susan Kashmiri

Janet Hebert (USA)

Manette Eaton (USA)


44 min. video