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Patreon Rewards & Monthly Giveaways

Your donations are why our site is 100% free.

Our Patreon supporters receive rewards like exclusive content, access to a Facebook critique group, AND are automatically entered into a monthly giveaway!

Giveaway winners get to choose 1 of the prizes below!

Prize #1
Get a 30 minute video critique which has a detailed assessment of 8-20 of your artworks from Prof Lieu. Prof Lieu will critique each individual artwork, and recommend specific techniques and strategies for improvement.

Prize #2
Prof Lieu will critique your artist website to help increase your online visibility, create smooth navigation, structure your content in an organized way, provide practical tips for communication with your target audience, and more.

Prize #3
Prof Lieu will critique your  artist Instagram to assist you in producing a cohesive, diverse feed that will help you sustain an audience for your work. Prof Lieu will come up with a strategy to address your specific goals for your Instagram.

Beeswax Sculpture, Clara Lieu

Prize #4
Choose this prize and you’ll get a “mystery” original artwork from Prof Lieu!  A hand pulled print, a small scale sculpture, an ink drawing, a crayon drawing, could appear on your doorstep. All artwork is unframed, and we cover all shipping costs.

Art Supplies

Prize #5
Pick this prize and a bunch of “mystery” art supplies will show up! We’ll send you various art supplies to keep you busy, and maybe even discover some new art supplies you’ve never had a chance to work with before.

Risograph Album Covers, Casey Roonan

Prize #6
Get “mystery” original artwork from Casey Roonan! A risograph print, a comic, a zine, a mix CD with a cover, and more might show up at your home. All artwork is unframed, and we cover all shipping costs.

Temp Tattoos, Deepti Menon

Prize #7
Get “mystery” original artwork from Deepti Menon!  You might get a bunch of temporary tattoos, some stickers, some pins made from polymer or air dry clay, and more.

Bird Marker Drawings, Lauryn Welch

Prize #8

Get “mystery” original artwork from Lauryn Welch! You could get anything from a marker sketch, a cat drawing, a card of a bird drawn in marker, and more!  All artwork is unframed, and we cover all shipping costs.

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