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❤️When you support Art Prof, you’re helping artists of all ages, all over the world who can’t afford to pay for an art class. ❤️

All of our content is 100% free. and our budget relies entirely on donations.

Art Prof requires many staff, equipment, and materials to stay up and running! Some of our ongoing expenses include:

Monthly hosting fees for, monthly fees for our email list platform, monthly fees for the Art Prof Reference Photo collection, art supplies for our live draw along streams, equipment for each our staff artists which includes everything on this page and more, equipment for our studio & travel tutorials, office supplies, shipping costs for art dare prizes, renting a post office box, stipends to bring in guest artists, monthly fees for TubeBuddy to assist with our YouTube channel, monthly fees for Streamyard which we use for every live stream, administrative assistants, our 5 Teaching Artists, and more!


Our Patreon supporters receive rewards like exclusive content from our staff, your name in our video credits, access to weekly sessions in our voice channel in our Discord, and are automatically entered into a monthly giveaway!

Snail Mail Donations

If you would like to send us a donation via snail mail, please make the check to “Art Prof Projects LLC,” and mail to: Clara Lieu, Art Prof Projects LLC, P.O. Box 520741, Salt Lake City, UT, 84106-9998

Patreon Monthly Giveaway Prizes

Prize #1

Get a 15 minute video critique which has a detailed assessment of 3-5 of your artworks from Prof Lieu. Prof Lieu will critique each individual artwork, and recommend specific techniques and strategies for improvement.

Prize #2

Prof Lieu will provide a 15 minute video critique of your artist website to help increase your online visibility, create smooth navigation, structure your content in an organized way, provide practical tips for communication with your target audience, and more.

Prize #3

Prof Lieu will provide a 15 minute video critique of your artist Instagram to assist you in producing a cohesive, diverse feed that will help you sustain an audience for your work. Prof Lieu will come up with a strategy to address your specific goals for your Instagram.

Prize #4

Get 3 months access to our Discord Voice Channels! Attend weekly sessions with Prof Lieu & Jordan.


Prize #5

Pick any mug from the Art Prof store!

This item is only available to U.S. residents
Art Prof Merch: Art Prof Logo Mug

Prize #6

Get Prof Lieu’s book “Learn, Create, & Teach: A Guide to Building a Creative Life.

This item is only available to U.S. residents
Learn, Create, and Teach, Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor
Art Prof Merch: Art Supplies T-Shirt

Prize #7

Pick any T-Shirt from the Art Prof store!

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The Comic Journal of Cathy Rox

Prize #8

Teaching Artist Cat Huang’s comic book, “The Comic Journal of Cathy Rox,” written when she was literally in middle school!

This item is only available to U.S. residents
Art Prof Merch: Prof Lieu Sticker

Prize #9

Pick any sticker from the Art Prof store!

This item is only available to U.S. residents
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