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Teaching & Learning Art Online


Our aim is to provide everything you need to manage teaching and learning at home during this coronavirus situation. We are working every day to add new resources, so come back and see what’s new.

Have questions or need help?
Join the Art Prof Discord server, we have channels for educators in middle school, high school and college where you can get support and answers from other teachers! I check the Discord daily.  Hopefully, I can save you 5 years of grief, (that I already went through here at Art Prof) there is no reason we all have to reinvent the wheel when there are already so many resources available.

Prof Lieu


Tips for Teachers
Tips for Teaching Art Online
Set up an Online Art Demo
Mistakes to Avoid
Ways to Critique Art Online
Tips From Your Students
Q&A on Teaching Online

Tips for Art Students
Art Supplies Hidden at Home
5 Tips for a Home Art Studio
Coronavirus Inspired Art
Art & Mental Health
Be a More Productive Artist
How to Stay Motivated
Dealing with Artist’s Block
How To Improve as an Artist

Equipment & Software 
Recommended products
Items to avoid
Physical set up for demos
OBS layouts

Online Critiques
Instagram critiques
Written critiques
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Art Prompts
Monthly Art Dares
Prompts in 3D, illustration, digital media, animation, drawing, and collage.

Home Art Supplies
Visual chart of home art supplies & project examples.


Prof Lieu does consulting on teaching art remotely for school districts, universities, and colleges, clients have included Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Framingham State University, Socorro Independent School District in TX, and the California Art Education Association.

Below is an example of a series of lectures Prof Lieu can provide, each lecture is 60 min, followed by a 30 min. Q&A. Prof Lieu is also able to customize a series of lectures to suit a school’s needs and budget.

Email Prof Lieu for rates and more info.

#1: Shifting Your Mindset to Teach Remotely
The most fundamental shift to remote teaching is a dramatic change that has to happen in your mindset as a teacher. Switching from a brick and mortar classroom to a remote learning is not just a physical, it’s going to be a change in your pedagogical goals and expectations. We’ll discuss how remote teaching is not just a physical change, but also one that has to happen on a more fundamental level in terms of how we approach teacher and relate to our students. We will break down how to shift your overall approach to teaching to maximize what remote teaching can accomplish.

#2: Platforms, Communication, and Managing Content
With an overwhelming number of options for class communication and content available today, this workshop will explain options for how to translate your brick and mortar course in order to custom tailor a smooth, streamlined set of communication and content platforms. We’ll discuss live video vs. pre-recorded video, how to communicate effectively with students online, options for group communication platforms like Instagram, Discord, audio content vs. video content, options and formats for running group and individual critiques, and more.

#3: Technology & Equipment
This workshop will demonstrate and review the nuts and bolts of how to create a flexible, physical set up to do studio art demos online. We will provide detailed info on recommended equipment, (including equipment to avoid) such as webcams, mics, lighting, etc., how to troubleshoot common problems such adjusting camera angles, blocked camera views, how to stream live video, free streaming software options, and more.


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