BFA Art School Portfolio Critique

Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Cat Huang critique an art school portfolio by Mari Ebisu, providing a detailed critique of the overall portfolio, followed by critiques for each individual artwork.

Prof Lieu and Cat highlight what aspects of the entire portfolio and artworks are working well, and recommends concrete strategies for how to make progress.

Featured Artist

Mari Ebisu

I am currently a high school senior in Japan, and will be applying for Bachelor programs in Canada and the Netherlands this year. I have been familiar with many forms of creative practices since I was little, as the school I went from the 1st grade in  elementary school to the senior year in high school offers a lot of art classes, including drawing, painting, sculpture, weaving, hammering, book making, and also singing and dancing.

Also, the school does not give students prepared textbooks. Instead, students are required to make their own textbooks by themselves, from lectures given by teachers. Taking this education, doing art has naturally become an essential part of my life.

Moreover, making my own textbooks from classes has led my interest especially in Graphic Design, as I have always tried to design a variety of elements, such as hand letterings, pictures, drawings, and graphs in a page, making as easy to understand as possible. I will be applying to some schools as a Graphic Design Major, and as a foundation year student to some design schools. 

At the same time, I became so aware that there are so many ways to look at just one artwork, and started thinking about how other people think about my works. I would like to get objective views of other people regarding my works. 

My future vision is to enrich people’s lives by what I design. Design is everywhere, and it makes our lives much more fulfilling. As Graphic Design plays a significant role in our communication, I ultimately want to assist people’s communication as a graphic designer. 

I have an experience that made me have this vision. In that experience, I was able to convey my feeling of appreciation for my host family by presenting a card I designed. 

By studying at a design school in another country, I aim to meet a lot of creative people from all over the world,  and get inspired by them. As well as, I would like to learn fundamental skills and ideas of art and design in order to achieve my future vision.

My short term vision is to get accepted to the schools I’m applying to, and to be able to start my next step in art and design education toward the future vision.”

Mari Ebisu
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