Art School Portfolio: Feedback

Creating a portfolio should not be an effort that you have to do entirely on your own. 

Clara Lieu

Yet it’s very common that many students do not take the initiative to seek out feedback and help on their portfolios.

Don’t get stuck in your own ways with your portfolio and shut out any outside opinions.  Because inevitably, you’ll need to find out how your artwork is coming across to someone who is not you!

Lauryn Welch

Get professional feedback (not your parents)

All artists struggle with evaluating their own artwork, and it has absolutely nothing to do with your background and/or experience.

Getting outside of your own head is impossible for every artist, and finding someone to evaluate your work in an objective manner is hugely important.

37 second video, Don’t Ask Family & Friends to Critique Your Art!

Sometimes though, you can’t get feedback from someone else when you need it!  That’s not always practical, so this video  provides some tips for how to self evaluate.

Get a fresh pair of eyes on your portfolio

Consider this: would an aspiring concert pianist who is trying to get into Julliard try to figure out how to play a Rachmaninoff piano concerto on their own with no piano teacher? 

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Visual arts is no different from any other field, you have to get an outside opinion to improve.  

All artists, even professionals will get stuck in their own heads and won’t be able to evaluate their artwork objectively.

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A fresh eye from someone else is hugely important when developing your artwork. An art teacher can aid you in weeding out the weaker works, and provide invaluable advice about what direction to head in.

Don’t rely only on yourself (or family members) to make decisions about what works go into your portfolio.


You have to seek out feedback!

Take the initiative to get a critique to an art teacher whose opinion you trust to get a thorough portfolio critique.

You can’t wait around for your art teacher to approach you, you have to take action and go to them. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that many high school art teachers are happy to provide ongoing assistance in your portfolio preparation process.

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Many high school students have very little, if any experience with the process of an art critique, so sometimes it can be tough to know what is a helpful comment and what is a less useful comment.

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If you don’t know what to look for,  watch our portfolio critiques to get a sense of what a professional art critique is like. 

Sometimes if you can watch a critique in action that doesn’t involve your artwork, it’s a lot easier to get a sense of the overall process.

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