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Pen & Ink & Pencil Drawing

00:03  Pencil that looks like ink wash
00:20  Origins of Song’s technique
01:30  Pencil: broad range of values
02:13  Song’s walks in nature
02:25  Objects at the grocery store
03:13  Printmaking paper
03:52  Graphic shapes in the background
06:20  Switching between line & shading

07:19  Atmospheric perspective
07:55  Order of pencils: 4H, 2H, B
08:37  Applying acrylic matt medium
09:49  Eraser types and brands
11:18  Using the eraser flat
12:05  Forms happen with mistakes
13:36  Song’s fast drawing pace
14:54  When your paper buckles

16:14  Variation of scale
17:13  Pen glides over the matt medium
18:20  Adding graphite over the pen
18:36  Matte spray
19:04  UV sprays to protect from the sun
19:11  Painting gesso
19:36  Adding pen over the gesso
20:17  Bloopers


Draw an imaginary nature scene inspired by forms in nature.

Core Ideas

Cross-hatching, line, texture, tone, value

Winsor & Newton


Winsow & Newton Acrylic Matt Medium
Art Supplies: Paper Towels
Winsor & Newton Acrylic Brushes
Rives BFK Paper
Art Supplies: Sandpaper, fine grit
Winsor & Newton Fineliner Pen
Winsor & Newton Watercolor Block
Art Supplies: Pencil

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