January 2024 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2023 January Art Dare: Borders. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Dorian Epps.

Prize Winner

Emmet Bush

“I want to understand the structure of the universe beyond the boundary of time. The border shows how humans perceive time through generational storytelling and evolution.

In the center scene, I portray myself reading my own book of life, stopped on a page of me drawing this artwork in my bedroom studio. I was inspired ascetically by old nautical maps that have decorative mythologies along the edges hinting at the border between the known and unknown.

Thematically, I drew inspiration from Jewish mysticism, cultural creation stories, and scientific theory that all seek to answer what is reality.”

Honorable Mention

Janet Hebert

“Sunset: A few months ago, a fantastic sunset appeared over the region I live in. I was blown away by a friend’s photo, and I asked if I could paint it.

That evening, the light and colors permeated everything around you and the sky looked like it was on fire.

I was instantly inspired to include this fiery border around the original composition to try and convey the all-encompassing feeling of the light to the viewer.

Wicked: A few years ago, my sister and I dressed as Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West for a Halloween costume party.

To commemorate the night, I always wanted to draw a cute illustration of us dressed up, and the Art Dare gave me the idea to create this ornate border with swirls and objects from Wicked the Musical embedded in it to give a whimsical/magical feeling to the piece.

I chose markers as the medium to make it look like we were in a cartoon, which also adds to the whimsy.”

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