January 2023 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2023 January Art Dare: your future self. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Prize Winner

Jonalyn Garcia

“Inspired from my maternal great grannies, my 114 year old self choose to live simply like them: dwells in a Filipino traditional bamboo house, with a farm, and always get served with beautiful scenery.

But, unlike them, since I’m the only one in our entire family who is into art and one of the few who loves cats, I’ll be that centenarian who still make art and with a cat.

This piece is like an abstract mirror view of myself. (because I’m left-handed in real life, and my old self in the drawing is right-handed)”

2023 January Art Dare: Your Future Self

Honorable Mention

Emily Paxman

“I hate drawing myself. I’ve never felt like my face is particularly ‘art worthy.’ This dogged me for a long time, and the idea of drawing myself waaaaay in the future made this even more overwhelming.

But then I remembered I had a still living 93 year old grandmother who was could serve as a window into my own future. Her face was easy to draw. It’s a face I love.

And I felt like I learned some interesting things by drawing her – she’s not as overall wrinkly as I first thought an elderly face would be, but she has very strong laugh lines that almost separate out her chin from the rest of her face.

So when I finally drew myself in my futuristic greenhouse, I gave myself Grandma’s mouth and chin. I would like to think 114 year old me is someone’s eccentric aunt, her life extended by bionic chest implants, enjoying noodling around with her tomato plants while a drone waters them.

Featured Entries

Sarah C. McGill (Canada)

Madeline Bedrosian (USA)