July 2022 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2022 July Art Dare: creating a new version of an old artwork. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Prize Winner

JaVon Townsend (USA)

“In 2020, a friend suggested I create a Patreon account to support my efforts to create joyful children’s books featuring Black and Brown children.

Having the support there has allowed me to study this craft and to create the kinds of images I see in my mind. I created these icons for each of my Patreon tiers and have updated them each year to reflect my growth as an artist.

Since the account was created to support me in creating books, each of the icons feature books in the image and have a book-themed name.

I wanted them to display a diversity in personality, skin tone and hair styles that can be found among Black women.”

JaVon Townsend

Honorable Mention

Leeya Rose Jackson (USA)

“I was around 16 in art class during high school when I created the first painting. It was also one of the first paintings I made that I remember being really proud of.

Her dark eyeshadow and clothing gives a sense of mourning. I remember at that time grappling with a lot of sense of loss, of my security, parental figures and innocence.

I also was constantly striving, yearning and overachieving while always feeling overwhelmed and I think that came out in the work.

It’s nice to recreate this work in time, where I definitely feel some of the same things, but with a much more rounded out sense of self. Also at the time, I had no real art style, so it was fun to recreate using some of the current color/motifs I work with now.

Leeya Rose Jackson

Featured Entries

Johanna Miklos (USA)

Ike A.

Lisa Hufstetler (USA)


41 min. video