Expressive Drawing Track

Drawing is more than fundamentals, it is an interpretation of the world through your lens as an artist. A drawing is capable of stimulating a visceral feeling, impacting the viewer emotionally, pique your curiosity, and more.

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This track will broaden your repertoire in drawing, pushing you to create drawings that influence the viewer in a more dramatic manner. We recommend doing our Drawing Basics Track before starting this track so you have a solid foundation of skills to build on.

Expressive Drawing Track: Ghosts


Do the track at your own pace! Taking the time to process the content is important, and so we don’t advise putting pressure on yourself to finish the track quickly.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of learning

Show us what you make!

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Art Supplies

We understand that many people have limited budgets for supplies, so our tracks are structured so that you can use any materials you want, within that track’s focus.

The track lessons are designed to use traditional drawing supplies. Several of the prompts are most effective if you are willing to step outside of the typical drawing tool. Experimentation with unusual tools and materials will provide a more enriching experience.

Drawing Supplies: Pastel Pencils
Drawing Media

overview of drawing supplies, ballpoint pen/gel pensdip penbrush pen markersCaran d’Ache crayonsgraphite powdercolored pencilsoft pasteloil pastelpencil, charcoalink washscratchboardoil sticks

Experimental Media

watercolor tools, acrylic tools, wet charcoal, DIY home art supplies

Lesson 1

Expressive Drawing Track

Draw continuously from a slow motion video of a human figure moving.

Lesson 2

Expressive Drawing Track

Draw a self-portrait without any visual observation. Touch your face and create the drawing based on that sensory experience.

Lesson 3

Expressive Drawing Track

Draw an interior or exterior space as if you have X-Ray vision. See through the objects and emphasize where they overlap in the space to create depth.

Lesson 4

Expressive Drawing Track

Interpret the theme of “ghosts” by exploring repetition and transparency.

Lesson 5

Expressive Drawing Track

Create a 3D object to serve as a visual reference you can observe and draw from life.

Lesson 6

Expressive Drawing Track

Portray a liquid(s) in a composition that creates a visceral experience for the viewer.

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