March 2021 Winners

Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Deepti Menon announce the results of the 2021 March Art Dare: “Ink Blots,” where participants were asked to throw down random blots of ink on a surface in any manner, and then develop an artwork from there.

Prize Winner

Brooklynn Bolton DOK

The piece is a representation of life’s different stages. I recently experienced a really painful miscarriage. I used this art dare prompt to explore the positive feelings of when I carried my baby, and what it felt like to hold that life and dream about what was going on inside. I used fluid acrylic and water to spontaneously make blotches and then filled in spaces created by what my mind felt made sense.

One of the works represents how I felt when I fist saw my babies heart beat on the sonogram. The other piece with hands helps me remember the joy of holding my belly and worshiping God with the little life inside of me. I am thankful for this experience and strive to honor it through these works of art.

Honorable Mention

Jason Dai, France

As a graphic design student, my attitude towards artistic creation can be too methodical and product-driven. I took advantage of this art dare to embrace the uncertainty, and enjoy the creative freedom with no predicted outcome whatsoever.

First I made a lot of white ink marks on black paper. I created a diversity of marks by adjusting the ink density, making the ink flow by rotating the paper, creating texture with toothpicks, napkins, salt and a sponge. Then I scanned these ink marks. Finally I made these pictures in procreate.

Featured Entries


Sally Stormon (USA)

Jazmin Alvarado

Eline van der Steen (The Netherlands)

Lindsey Henderson (Canada)

Pamela Staples (USA)

Aurelian Adams (Scotland)