Nov 2022 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2022 November Art Dare: Ken as the artist muse, showing featured entries, and announces the 2023 January Art Dare: Your future self.

Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Prize Winner

Helen Cook (United Kingdom)

“After doing these studies of Ken (and of Laurie on the other side in a contrasting colour), I folded the paper into an 8×8 meander book. The way the book is folded allows the two sides to interact.

Each page contains only a fragment of the figures, and unfolding the book allows the whole story to emerge.”

Helen Cook

Honorable Mention

Amanda Norris (USA)

“I’m continuing the exploration of mediums. I used Ken to help me do that. As I continue to develop as an artist, I’m learning there are a whole host of mediums I’ve never explored at all, and some, I’m just getting starting to understand as a whole.

This is an amalgamation of that work using ken as my muse. As I stepped back and looked at the presentation, I would have typically called many of these ‘unfinished’”’ or ‘“’underdeveloped.’”’ I chose to keep them that way because that’s exactly how I feel as an artist at the moment.

These images have great strengths and even greater weaknesses that I constantly try to avoid. Leaving them this raw is a reminder that I’m still cooking as an artist and that’s totally fine. Thanks Ken and Art Prof!”

Amanda Norris

Featured Entries

Sonja Collu (France)

Paula V. Fernandez (Philippines)

Brian Flaherty (USA)

Sal Devito (USA)

Anastasia Lvova (Russia)

Amy Harrington (USA)

Irina Kladova


41 min. video