October 2023 Winners

This video shows the results of the 2023 October Art Dare: Fall Harvest. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster.

Prize Winner

Amber DiGerlando

As a visually impaired artist, I thought I might represent a different perspective.

My sculptural work is found-object wire and is meant to symbolize the creation of new out of old and discarded, like gleaners and carrion feeders are present just after the harvest.

The crow sculpture is a still life with bones and was created with found objects including plastic wire, bicycle inner tubing and cans

The final 2 of 4 art pieces are digital photos of the Aftermath of the Harvesting of Hens and Still Life with Offal.

Honorable Mention

Ambar Vizcarra

“The harvest, life, and death all tie into the archetype of the crone. The Cailleach, a Gaelic Goddess, brings death and decay at the end of the harvest bringing winter.

My gourd bottle contains many clay gourds of various colors. I wanted to sculpt with air dry clay as well as used recycled materials- an empty wine bottle and a few dried branches.

My 50’s housewife pumpkin started out as something completely different. The 50s theme kitchen really feels like it added the rhythm it needed.

Watching art prof’s videos on animation I knew I wanted to make a very simple animation on procreate. I used so many more frames than I could have ever expected a wonky jack-o-lantern to need.